It’s been a while since The Rhythm Ruler recorded a mix and with the current circumstances there is more than enough time for it, so here you go. Starting with some recently released Ska on the Rock-A-Shacka label he takes you on a journey from the mid-sixties to the mid-seventies and added a recent production he plays on heavy rotation lately. All original 7″ records as always with some of them being released for the first time this or last year.

It will take some time until we can hear these tunes on a proper soundsystem, but do yourself a favour and at least play this mix through your stereo or headphones. Stay safe, help those in need and yes: Better days are coming!

Buster All Stars – Summer Time (Rock A Shacka)
Buster All Stars – Charles Street Cowboy (Rock S Shacka)
Norman Grant – Somebody Please Help Me (Pyramid UK)
Lynn Taitt – Counter Punch (blank JA)
Justin Hinds – Why Should I Worry (Treasure Isle JP)
Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Vendors – Tropic Isle (Coxsone UK)
The Tartans – Coming On Strong (Caltone UK)
Harmonians – Go & Cry (blank JA)
Heptones – Girl You Were Wrong (blank JA)
Dawn Penn – When I’m Gonna Be Free (Island UK)
Delta Cats – Unworthy Baby (Blue Cat UK)
The Melodians – Come On Little Girl Come On (Treasure Isle UK)
Noel Brown – Man’s Temptation (blank JA)
Alton Ellis – A Fool (Coxsone UK)
The Coolers – Birds Of The Air (Pama UK)
Busty Brown – Here Comes The Night (Doctor Bird UK)
Marcia Griffiths – Truly (Studio One UK)
The Maytals – Reborn (Pyramid UK)
The Emotions – Watch It (blank JA)
The Two Sparks – Throwing Stones (Camel UK)
Winston Wright – Power Pack, alternative take (blank pre)
Bob Andy & Tyrone Evans – Treat Me Nice (blank JA)
Dobby Dobson – Love For Ambition (Punch UK)
Phyllis Dillon – Love Was All I Had (Treasure Isle JA)
The Webber Sisters – Come On (Studio One UK)
Ernest Wilson – It’s A Lie (Crab UK)
Glen Adams – Never Had A Dream (Upsetter UK)
Jackie Bernard / The Kingstonians – Out There (Song Bird UK)
Abeng – Crying Time (Dig This Way Records, IT)
Delroy Wilson – It’s A Shame (Well Charge JA)
Delroy Wilson – I Don’t Know Why (blank JA)
Jennifer Lara – Consider Me (Studio One JA)
The Heptones – Suffering So (Jaywax JA)
Skull – Bondage (Hot Stuff JA)
Clive Matthews – Live Not For Vanity (Fire Fox JA)
Carlton & The Shoes – Better Days (Bread UK)