Earthquake On Orange Street: Buster's Jamaican Singles StoryJeremy Collingwood just released this book which is a must-have for all fans of the music of Prince Buster. It was available at Dubvendor for a couple of hours but sold out quickly. We’ll keep you posted where you can find a copy.

Mind-boggling discography devoted to the Jamaican releases of Prince Buster’s productions from 1961’s Oh Carolina by the Folkes Brothers to 1977’s Uganda by Yusuf Ali & The Revolutionaries.  The titles; A and B sides, are listed by year of release with matrix numbers and introductory notes for each year.  Packed with information, there is a black checker which will help identifying your white label pre-releases, a list of the Rock-A-Shacka reissues and pages of full colour life size reproductions of the various label designs, as well as a sample of white labels complete with “sound man markings”.  Hours of fun and a useful resource, this is the result of hours of furrow-browed research and really only serves to increase ones desire to see more of Buster’s music reissued immediately and properly.

Update: Jeremy writes that “DV will have more on Monday….strong initial demand!

Update 2: If you want to save some money order through Honest Jons.