bamboo boss 20Ebay seller crazybeat sold some nice reggae chart posters from 1969 and 1970 in their last auction. Some collectors rate these pieces of reggae history in the UK as high as records, most of the posters fetched more than 100 GBP. Here are the top three of Trojan Records from November 21st, 1969 with no big surprise in them:

Jimmy Cliff – Wonderful World, Beautiful People
Upsetters – Return of Django
Harry J. Allstars  – Liquidator

Quite surprisingly Pama Records sold more copies of Baff Boom by the Tennors in the week of October 3rd, 1969 than Max Romeos’ Wet Dream. If you want to get hold of a chart poster yourself check the current auctions of crazybeat, they have some Pama Charts from 1970 on auction until the 3rd of June.

Edit: Pama-Forum member PortOJam was so kind to point to an archive on the Dancecrasher Website where you can find some of the Record Company Chart/Release sheets.