Sweet Sensation
Reggae Steady Soul Flyer 2018The opening night for Reggae Steady Soul 2018 will also be the 14th anniversary & the very last Sweet Sensation, so better don’t miss it. As always you will get to hear Jamaican Ska, Rock Steady and Original Reggae as Rudewoi, Smart Soul, The Rhythm Ruler & their special guests present the best of the golden age of Jamaican music.

28.12. 10pm
Schreinerstr. 47, 10247 Berlin

Mix it Up!
Upbeat, Offbeat, Downbeat – the NYE Böller-ama Soul DJs spin Reggae & Ska and the Reggae DJs play Soul. Reggae & Ska: VIP Hitman, Peanut Vendor, Marc Forrest –  Soul: Judge Celik, Frank Upsetter, BossK

29.12. 10pm
Privatclub, Skalitzer Str. 85-68, 10997 Berlin

ReggaeXplosion floor: Early Reggae, Rock Steady, Jamaican Ska, 70s Roots
DJs Frank Upsetter (HH), Reggae Hit The Town (NÜ), Thee Snufferer (K), Gary The Matador (UK), Carib Crew (B)
Hip City Soul Club floor: Upfront Northern & Rare Soul, R&B, Mod Clubsounds, Funk and….dis–KO
DJs Paul Grant (IRE), VIP Hitman (HH), Peanut Vendor (L), Mario Montgomery (B), Marc Forrest (B)
Original 45s only, wooden floors, beautyful people all night long!

31.12. 10pm
Tommyhaus, Schicksaal and Linie 1, Wilhelmstr. 9, 10963 Berlin

Sir Luek (Hamburg)
Midnight Drifters
The Rhythm Ruler

As the summer seemed kinda endless this year, the promoters of the Rock Steady Club decided to take a longer break than usual. But now its time again to warm your feet during the cold season of the year by dancing to some hot scorchers. For the upcoming Rock Steady Club all 3 residents (The Rhythm Ruler, Alex & Panza a.k.a Midnight Drifters) will buss some sweat and lift the boxes of the Maratone Soundsystem once again to the beautiful Privatclub in Berlin Kreuzberg and of course they will also bring their heavyweight record selections.
As if this wasnt enough already, they decided to add some extra spice by inviting one of the most loyal supporters of their events during the last years. Easy to spot in the crowd with his impressive trademark mustache, Sir Luek will bring his favourite records to Berlin and will join the crew behind the wheels of steel.
He started collecting his favourite music when people still where thinking about going for a swim when they heard the word „eBay“. Sir Luek built his collection by going numerous times to the UK, checking handwritten lists of records for sale, and then waiting weeks for replies, by mail of course. Thats how it was more than 20 years ago. Get ready for a great selection that will please dancers and rarity spotters same way!

24.11.2018 – 23:30
Privatclub, Skalitzer Str. 85-68, 10997 Berlin

Chema Skandal 43 tortugasChema Skandal has done quite a few great artworks for us in the past, the latest one was a poster for the Vintage Jamaican Music Soundclash of which we still have some screenprints left for sale. Contact us if you fancy one! During his last visit in Berlin he contributed a piece to an exhibition at Urban Nation which starts on September 27th. Go check it out:

Bülowstraße 7
10783 Berlin

Update: The piece is not shown in the exhibition but in one of the residencies and was only accesable until September 30th. But the museum is definitely worth a visit.

It has been a thrilling night at YAAM on the 7th of September. On very short notice the lineup changed due to reasons beyond everyones control, Tiny T was replaced by Team Right on Time (Alex Fireball & Thee Snufferer) who ran against Mr. Mass and Thomas Eiene (Get Ready, 60’s Reggae Club, Oslo). The evening started with a very nice warmup by Rudewoi and as usual in Berlin, the place filled up quite late. Read more

alex fireball and thee snuffererFor reasons beyond everyones control we sadly have to announce that Tiny T will be unable to participate at the Vintage Jamaican Music Soundclash. He will be replaced by a team from Cologne: Thee Snufferer and Alex Fireball will represent their Right on Time allnighter. Both are serious collectors and well known and respected in the international Original Reggae scene and will fight hard for the trophy.

In case you haven’t found them on facebook yet, here are the rules for the Soundclash:

Original press 7″ records only. No dubplates, No repress, No bullshit.

Round one:
10min ska each.

Round two:
10min rock steady each.

Round three:
10min reggae (1968-1979) each.

Order will be defined by lot. after each round the audience makes a choice. If it is a draw after these three rounds there will be another 10 min round with no style limitation. Third place will drop out.

Final round:
Tune fi tune. Second place of round one to three starts. No rewinds in this round. Competitors can play the tune as long as they want, but minimum is 30sec. First to win 5 rounds is the winner, will take the trophy home and play at the ReggaeXplosion anniversary the day after.