Tiny T (King of Kings 2011, London) vs.
Mr. Mass (King of Kings 2012, Manchester) vs.
Thomas Eiene (Get Ready – 60’s Reggae Club Oslo)

Presented by The Rhythm Ruler
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Berlin Vintage Jamaican Music Soundclash - Artwork: Chema SkandalIf you think of a soundclash these days, dubplates and dancehall come to your mind. Heavy Hammer was just crowned as latest champion of ‘War Ina East‘ at YAAM and won with creative and exclusive specials. In England you can find a different soundclash culture, it is mostly popular in the revival scene and takes it’s inspiration from the 60s in Jamaica. No dubplates, but only original records from the 60s and 70s are presented by serious collectors and selectors to the audience. The ‘King of Kings Revival Clash’ in Hamburg in 2011 and 2012 proved that this concept is working very well in Germany as well. YAAM and Maratone Soundsystem teamed up for another oldies soundclash this year, the two Hamburg Kings Tiny T and Mr. Mass will compete with Thomas Eiene from the ‘Get Ready – 60s Reggae Club’ in Oslo for the title ‘Berlin Vintage Soundclash Winner 2018‘. It’s you, the audience, who will decide who of them plays the best Ska, Rocksteady and Early Reggae and wins the tune fe tune in the final. Make some noise!

7.9.2018, 22:00, YAAM
An der Schillingbrücke 3, 10243 Berlin

We created a section for upcoming events with an overview of all regular events in town where you can hear Ska, Rocksteady, Early Reggae or Roots from vinyl, check out www.reggae-in-berlin.net. If you think we missed an event send us an e-mail through our contact form.


Looks like the upcoming Maratone Rocksteady Club will be a special one. This time not only original vinyl will be played but Panza and Rayna will also have some of their exclusive dubplates on Rocksteady and Early Reggae riddims with them. Better don’t miss!

soundsystem and crew

Finally a shot with full crew. Not the best photo quality but sound will be crisp! Unfortunately Panza won’t be behind the decks as he’ll play in Zurich at Cool Ruler tonight, so just Threepwood and The Rhythm Ruler will play some original vinyl at the Berlin Vintage “Soundsystem” Night. Expect heavyweight tunes powered by a heavyweight sound.

Adam from Wake the Town Radio in San Francisco started a Facebook Group for those who want to take part or listen to this very specific sort of a soundclash. If you like the idea and are on Facebook check it out. If you’re into the real deal you should save the date: On the 7th of september Tiny T, Mr Mass and Thomas Eiene will fight for the crown at the Berlin Vintage Jamaican Music Soundclash.

We have to admit that this is no Early Reggae show at all, but as Sister Nancy is without any doubt the queen of Rub-a-Dub and Original Dancehall and our crew-member Panza is playing tunes, we think this is well worth attending. Get your tickets directly through the venue.

1.6.2018, 22:00, Badhaus
Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin

Behold and Live, Freedom Fighter Soundsystem, Graograman Hifi and Roots Rocket are four roots soundsystems that teamed up for a collective recently. The first event by the new team of Berlins soundsystem scene will take place at YAAM. Check the facebook page of Freedom Fighter Soundsystem for more information.

berlin soundsystem kollektiv

get on up berlin

Berlin Vintage Soundsystem NightFor the april edition of the Vintage Reggae Night at YAAM Berlin we are working hard on our new big setup and will present the 4 18″ scoops with new amping at a dance for the very first time. We’ll share the dancehall with Roots Rakete and his full soundsystem. It will definitely be a night with a lot of bass and great tunes from 60s Ska to 80s Digi Killers. All from vinyl as you know it from that event.

20.4.2018, 22:00, YAAM
An der Schillingbrücke 3, 10243 Berlin

Maratone Rocksteady Club April 2018The last time we did string up the Maratone Soundsystem at Privatclub for Lone Ranger and Tonto Addi the vibe was more like a 70’s & 80’s Rub A Dub / Early Digital party. But as usual at the Rocksteady Club we go a bit further down memory lane, until the sweet 60’s. Once again it’s all about the finest Ska, Rock Steady and Early Reggae, played from precious original vinyl. This time finally Panza will be with us again as he his activities with Supersonic Sound didn’t allow him to join us for the last sessions. And once again we bring in an international guest:Vienna was called and Rayna from Treasure Isle Sound answered. He is one of the busiest DJs and Promoters when it comes to jamaican oldies events in Vienna. Rayna started collecting records since the age of 16 and did promote lots of events with great artists like Alton Ellis and Dennis Alcapone. Let’s hope he will also bring a few of the famous Treasure Isle dubplate specials with him beside his favourite tunes from his record collection. And now: „Wake the town and tell the people about this musical pleasure coming your way

28.4.2018 – 23:30
Privatclub, Skalitzer Str. 85-68, 10997 Berlin